Council on Pharmacists' Credentials

The Council is an independent evaluation agency established in July 2004 to increase pharmacists' competence and profession by accreditation of Continuing Education Credentialing Programs, Special Training Programs, and Pharmacy Specialties Credentialing Programs. The governing body of these programs consists of representatives of pharmacy-related professions, academic fields and educational bodies in Japan.

Working in pharmacy specialties fields evolving at rapid speed, pharmacists have a duty to patients, medical professionals and the society in general to constantly strive to improve their qualifications, skills and aptitude and enhance their line of work, making continuing education after licensure essential. Recent advances in drug therapy in certain fields of medical care have led to a growing role for pharmacy specialists as experts in these fields. Accreditation is therefore required in order to guarantee the credibility of both the pharmacists' continuing education and specialist training.

In Japan today, there are several programs in operation or being planned for credentialing and certifying pharmacists after their licensure, each of which has its own objectives and characteristics. The Council's aim is to assist the development of these programs by utilizing their objectives and characteristics to ensure public trust in them and in turn in the skills and aptitude of pharmacists in their respective fields.

The Council's main activities are
to develop and publish standards for pharmacist credentialing programs,
to coordinate and support credentialing programs and credentialing bodies in which pharmacists are involved, and
to accredit credentialing programs upon request by credentialing bodies.

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